Corredor doSenandesWindComplex

R$ 400 million were invested in Corredor do Senandes Wind Energy Complex, which is scheduled to begin its generation in early 2014, in the municipality of Rio Grande, in Rio Grande do Sul state. It is the first undertaking of Odebrecht Energia in wind power.

Corredor do Senandes Wind Energy Complex includes Corredor do Senandes II, III and IV, and Vento Aragano I, and it holds 108MW of installed capacity. In its implementation phase, approximately a thousand direct and indirect jobs will be created.

A 48 kilometers transmission line will connect the four wind parks of the Complex to Rio Grande do Norte’ s state Fifth Companhia Estadual de Energia Elétrica (CEEE), an electricity state company.

In addition to these undertakings that are being implemented, the company has 16 parks concluded to trade energy, which totalize 365MW.


  • Development for the Region

    Wind power project development will generate a new production potential in the region

  • Operation Optimized by New Technology

    High power model reduced the number of aerogenerators at the Complex


Technical information

Corredor do Senandes Wind Complex

  • Site: Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
  • Total Investment: Approximately US$ 200 million
  • Capacidad instalada: 108 MW
  • Job creation: Approximately 1000 direct and indirect jobs